When my kids were little, they loved the way their kindergarten teacher connected the books they read to activities in the classroom. If the characters in that week’s book had muffins at snack time, they knew that muffins would show up at their snack time, too.

You can do the same thing! There are so many ways to use Catherine’s Pascha to incorporate Pascha into Church school lessons, homeschool activities, and weekend fun. And not just for little ones! Tweens and teens will enjoy some of these as well.

Culinary arts


Social studies

  • Place each church in Catherine’s Pascha on a world map or globe.
  • Select one of the churches in Catherine’s Pascha and learn as much about it as you can. Write a brief paper explaining what you learned, or talk about it with an adult. Younger kids can read and color pages about Hagia Sophia and the churches in Santorini.
  • Some of the illustrations in Catherine’s Pascha include animals. Younger children can do an “I Spy” game to find all the animals. Older children can select one of the animals, and research its range, habitat, diet, and behavior, then explain whether it was realistic to include the animal in the illustration.


  • Who is the patron saint of Catherine’s parish? How do you know?
  • In Catherine’s Pascha, Pascha is celebrated when the moon is full. When is the next time there will be a full moon on Pascha?

Oral history project

  • Take your kids through this set of five lessons on unity and diversity in the Church, built around Catherine’s Pascha. The lessons start with an introduction to the idea of unity with diversity, and culminates with an oral history created by interviewing older people in the parish or in the students’ families.

Language arts

Parish bookstores and church schools receive a discount on Catherine’s Pascha. Email the publisher for more information.

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Buy the Book: Catherine’s Pascha

Catherine doesn’t like vegetables. She doesn’t like naps. She doesn’t like it when her mom combs her hair. She loves hot dogs, chocolate cake, and her best friend, Elizabeth. Most of all, she loves Pascha! Pascha, the Orthodox Christian Easter, is celebrated in the middle of the night, with processions and candles and bells and singing. And Catherine insists that she’s not a bit sleepy.

Celebrate the joy of Pascha through the magic of a book: Catherine’s Pascha. Available on Amazon, Bookshop.org, and my webstore.

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