About Charlotte Riggle

A Woman of Many Hats

Charlotte Riggle wears many different hats in her life. She is a picture book author, a technical writer, a blogger. Her first picture book was a finalist in the 2015 Best Book Awards. A technical newsletter she wrote was honored by the Society of Technical Communicators. Her poetry was recognized by the Southern Literary Festival.

Charlotte has four children, a stepchild, godchildren, and an adorable grandchild whose nursery she keeps well stocked with books. When her children were young, she did all the ordinary things that mothers do: reading stories, supervising homework and chores, and feeling quite certain she would never get enough sleep ever again. She did less ordinary things, too, like training a service dog for one of her kids.

Because of her children’s needs, Charlotte became an advocate for people with disabilities. Now that her children are grown, she’s sharing what she’s learned on her blog and in her books. It’s all illuminated by faith, brimming with hope, and seasoned with picture books. Sign up for her newsletter so you don’t miss a thing.

Charlotte Riggle    Sharing faith, hope, and picture books with Orthodox Christian families and parents of kids with special needs.

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