When I couldn’t find the Pascha book I wanted for my children, I realized that I would have to write it myself. So I wrote Catherine’s Pascha. It was the book I wanted my children to have. I love it.

I think you’ll love it, too. But I feel really weird reviewing my own book. So … you don’t have to take my word for it.

Check out these reviews of Catherine’s Pascha (and find more reviews on Amazon!):

My kids know when I pull out our copy of “Catherine’s Pascha” by Charlotte Riggle that I’m going to cry. I can’t help it. You might think that means this is a sad story, but in fact it’s the brightest story we could have in the Orthodox faith.

Read the full review by Katie Reetzke, history professor, church school director, and author of God’s Saintly Friends, volumes 1 and 2.

I have to admit that as I sat in my easy chair, tired from the Canon and the contemplation of the work ahead, I got chills up my spine and a lump in my throat as I shared Catherine’s Paschal experience. It brought back all the high points of our own Pascha, and I felt again the joy of that first “Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!”

Read the full review by Bev. Cooke, author of Royal Monastic: Princess Ileana of Romania, Keeper of the Light: Saint Macrina the Elder, and Feral.

Folks, my kids adored this book. In fact, as soon as we were finished reading it the very first time, they requested that we read it again. Catherine’s Pascha is one of those books where you notice something new each time you read it. The book is not just entertaining for children, either. … As a mom and educator, I especially appreciated how the author included a differently-abled character: Catherine’s best friend, Elizabeth.

Read the full review by Cait, a school psychologist and homeschooling mom who blogs at My Little Poppies.

As an American married to a Greek, I have been celebrating Pascha (Orthodox Easter) for many years. In our house, family Easter celebrations are a combination of both of our traditions – allowing our children to experience both of our cultures. … We share lots and lots of books about Easter, but never one specifically about Pascha. Until now.

Read the full review by Julie Yeros, an elementary educator with a passion for teaching children about our diverse world.

From V: Catherine’s Pascha is hard to review because there are so many things I like about it. It is absolutely worth reading if you have any interest in an Easter story What. So. Ever.
From T: [My favorite part was] Mass in the middle of the night because I like staying up late. I knew it was Easter because of the bunnies and the eggs. They say, “Christ is risen.” That’s on Easter. I changed my favorite part because I never knew there was a church on Antarctica. That’s my favorite part.

Read the full review by V and her son T on Glass of Wine, Glass of Milk.

It was fascinating to see how Pascha is celebrated in the Orthodox churches. … It is a great addition to any collection, and will be added to our Easter collection at home.

Read the full review by Susan Murray, who was for many years a children’s and teen librarian and reviewed picture books and nonfiction for School Library Journal.

Books by Charlotte Riggle

Make Catherine's Pascha part of your Easter celebration.
This holiday classic shares the joy of Pascha through the eyes of a child. Find it on Amazon or Bookshop.org.

This delightful story is filled with friendship, prayer, sibling squabbles, a godparent’s story of St. Nicholas, and snow. Lots and lots of snow. Find it on Amazon or Bookshop.org.

In this collection of essays, women who are, or have been, single mothers share stories of their relationships with saints who were also single mothers. Charlotte’s story of the widow of Zarephath highlights the virtue of philoxenia. Find it on Amazon or Park End Books.

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