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Children make Pascha basket covers and enjoy other book activities at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church

Photo: Nicole Davis May

These activities are great for home, school, or Church school. For more fun things to do, check out 14 Ways to Use Catherine’s Pascha.

How to Make Pysanky

Watch a tutorial and learn how to make Pysanky eggs, then try it yourself!

One hour tutorial
Tips and tricks for beginners

Or check out the resources at learnpysanky.com!

Lesson Plans

All About Pysanky
Learn the history of pysanky and the meanings of the patterns

Literary analysis
Practice literary analysis skills using Catherine’s Pascha. Exercises are keyed to Common Core standards.

Sunday school lesson plans

A set of five lessons on unity and diversity in the Church, built around Catherine’s Pascha. The lessons start with an introduction to the idea of unity with diversity, and culminates with an oral history created by interviewing older people in the parish or in the students’ families.

Lesson 1Lesson 2Lesson 3Lesson 4Lesson 5

More Things to Do

The rich illustrations in Catherine’s Pascha lend themselves to a variety of activities.

  • Print a simple world map, or post a large world map on the wall. Then have the children find the location of every church in Catherine’s Pascha.
  • Have the children identify every bird or mammal that they can see in the illustrations around the churches, and (for older children) do some research into the animal’s habits and habitat.

For kids that like word puzzless, print and share our Word search.

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