I know you and your little ones are feeling a bit stir-crazy right now. I am, too. All of my regular summer activities have been cancelled. We’re all looking for something fun to do. And I have just the thing: The Nativity of St. Nicholas falls on July 29. You can have a party to celebrate St. Nicholas’s birthday!

It can’t be a large party this year, of course. Maybe just your own family. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! And maybe, just maybe, it will be the start of a new summer tradition for your family.

Here are three different St. Nicholas party themes for you to choose from. All of the parties include crafts your children can make. And while they’re working on their crafts, it’s a great time to talk to the children about St. Nicholas. The Saint Nicholas Center offers these conversation starters.

Have a splash party

Besides being the patron saint of children, St. Nicholas is also the patron saint of sailors. And there are many, many stories about his saving sailors from storms. That means you can celebrate St. Nicholas with cool, fun water activities!

Share some special treats for the day, starting with ice cold watermelon. And for St. Nicholas’s birthday cake, make a sailboat cake!

Have a snow party

If it’s blazing hot, you might want to cool off with a snow-themed celebration.

Homemade snow cones would be so much fun for a snow day in July. If you want a snowy-looking birthday cake for St. Nicholas, a coconut cake would be perfect.

December in July party

Maybe your kids would love a summer repeat of your family’s St. Nicholas Day traditions. Or maybe you can try some holiday traditions that you never have time for in December.

  • Tell the story of the dowry for the widower’s daughters.
  • Candy canes, of course, represent St. Nicholas’s crozier. Make home-made candy canes or, with younger children, make candy cane cookies.
  • Make a paper-plate St. Nicholas. Use these but instead of putting a cotton ball pompom on the top of the hat, add a gold cross to make it a miter.
  • Play a St. Nicholas version of the beanbag toss game. Get 6 or 8 small cloth bags (or old socks), and put a handful of beans in the bottom of each bag. Tie the bags closed. Set shoes across the room from the players, and let them try to toss the bags of “gold” into the shoes.

Oranges and chocolate coins and cookies are the go-to treats for St. Nicholas Day. For your summer St. Nicholas party sweets, try one of these traditional St. Nicholas Day desserts. Or make St. Nicholas cupcakes.

More ways to celebrate St. Nicholas

Your celebration of St. Nicholas can extend beyond the party!

You can find more resources for celebrating St. Nicholas at The Saint Nicholas Center.

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Charlotte Riggle, author of Catherine's Pascha and The Saint Nicholas Day Snow
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