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Of course I think The Saint Nicholas Day Snow is wonderful. But as they said on Reading Rainbow, you don’t have to take my word for it!

In her review at Glass of Wine, Glass of Milk, V talked about the importance of books that include characters with disabilities. She said, “Elizabeth uses a wheelchair and crutches, but you only know this if you pay attention to the pictures. She is depicted no different from her fully able friend. And that is what I like so much — Elizabeth’s unnamed disability doesn’t matter. As it shouldn’t.” On the other hand, her son (who is not yet 4) said that the most important thing about the book is the snow.

At Orthodoxy in Dialogue, Elizabeth Hawkins reviewed both Catherine’s Pascha and The Saint Nicholas Day Snow in a single review. She says, “These books are about living in an Orthodox home: making cookies, talking about the different ways families may celebrate St. Nicholas Day, going to church. These are stories about and for children, told through their eyes. … I enjoyed reading these just as much as my sons.”

At Globe Trottin’ Kids, Julie Yeros says, “The Saint Nicholas Day Snow is a wonderful children’s picture book to share this holiday season. The characters, parallel narrative, historical facts, and striking design will make this book a favorite for years to come.”

Crafty Moms Share says The Saint Nicholas Day Snow “is a wonderful tale and introduction to St. Nicholas as well as the celebration of his day.”

On her blog, Susan Cushman calls The Saint Nicholas Day Snow “a colorful, poignant look at a beloved historic figure through the eyes of two families who celebrate his life.”

Carolyn Wilhelm at The Wise Owl Factory used to live in The Netherlands, and she thought she knew all about St. Nicholas. She says even she learned something about the saint from the story, and she created coloring pages to use with the book.

If you need more, you can read the reviews on Amazon.

Check out Goodreads, too. Especially what Bev Cooke said about the illustrations. And don’t miss Kate Olson’s comments from the point of view of a public school librarian.


To learn more about St. Nicholas, check out the St. Nicholas Center, where you will find loads of information about the saint, customs from around the world, stories and activities for children, recipes, crafts, and much more. My favorite resources at The St. Nicholas Center are the Akathist to St. Nicholas and the Life of St. Nicholas by Michael the Archimandrite. Michael’s Life of St. Nicholas, written in the ninth century, is the oldest life of St. Nicholas that has come down to us.


If you want to learn more about the historical St. Nicholas, start with any of these books.

St. Nicholas of Myra, Bari, and Manhattan: Biography of a Legend by Charles W. Jones, published 1978 by the University of Chicago Press.

The Real St. Nicholas:Tales of Generosity and Hope from Around the World by Louise Carus, published 2002 by Quest Books.

Nicholas: The Epic Journey from Saint to Santa Claus by Jeremy Seal, published 2005 by Bloomsbury Publishing.

The Saint who would be Santa Claus: The True Life and Trials of Nicholas of Myra by Adam C. English, published 2012 by Baylor University Press.

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The life of St. Nicholas: Understanding the stories: People have been telling stories about St. Nicholas for centuries. And sometimes, the stories change when they’re told.
St. Nicholas, Thursday prayers, and pirates: In our weekly cycle of prayers, we commemorate St. Nicholas of Myra every Thursday. Why? The story starts with pirates capturing a poet.

Read reviews of the St. Nicholas Day Snow and learn more about St. Nicholas.

Buy the Book: The Saint Nicholas Day Snow

Shoes or stockings? Horse or sleigh? Does St. Nicholas visit on December 6 or on Christmas Eve? Will a little girl’s prayer be answered? When Elizabeth has to stay at Catherine’s house, she’s worried about her grandmother, and worried that St. Nicholas won’t find her. The grownups, though, are worried about snow.

Celebrate the wonder of St. Nicholas Day through the magic of a book: The Saint Nicholas Day Snow.

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