Celebrating Pascha

The Queen and Lady of Days

Pascha, Easter, the Great and Holy Feast of the Life-giving Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – whatever you want to call it, it is by far the most important day of the year for Orthodox Christians. It’s like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and Fourth of July all rolled into one glorious day. There will be lots of food. There will be music and dancing. Depending on where you live, there may be fireworks. What there won’t be much of is sleep.

But who needs sleep when it’s Pascha?

In the Orthodox Church, we have twelve Great Feasts – Christmas, Theophany, Transfiguration, and so on. And then there’s Pascha. It isn’t one of the Great Feasts. It stands alone, outside any list, and outside of time.

In the Paschal canon, we sing, “It is the Day of Resurrection! Let us be radiant, O people! Pascha! The Pascha of the Lord!” We call Pascha, “the chosen and Holy Day, the first of Sabbaths, the Queen and Lady of Days, the Feast of Feasts, and Holy Day of Holy Days.”

Yeah, we can get a little over-the-top in our poetry. But we love Pascha so much!

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Buy the Book: Catherine’s Pascha

Catherine doesn’t like vegetables. She doesn’t like naps. She doesn’t like it when her mom combs her hair. She loves hot dogs, chocolate cake, and her best friend, Elizabeth. Most of all, she loves Pascha! Pascha, the Orthodox Christian Easter, is celebrated in the middle of the night, with processions and candles and bells and singing. And Catherine insists that she’s not a bit sleepy.

Celebrate the joy of Pascha through the magic of a book: Catherine’s Pascha.

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