In The Saint Nicholas Day Snow, Catherine and Elizabeth play outside in the snow until they’re so cold they have to go in. And Catherine’s mom makes them hot chocolate.

You can extend the story by having your children make these hot chocolate mugs from popsicle sticks and glue. It’s a fun project for little ones. The pink and purple mugs here were made by the daughters of a friend of mine. Evie is 5 years old, and Violet is 2 and a half. They both had fun and were happy with the results.


You should be able to pick up all of the supplies you need for the hot chocolate mug project at your local craft store or dollar store.

  • Jumbo popsicle sticks (10 per mug)
  • White school glue
  • Water-based paint
  • Paint brush
  • Fat pipe cleaners
  • Cotton balls
  • Glitter or other decorations


You’ll need to allow time for glue and paint to dry between steps of the hot chocolate mug project. If your little ones struggle with waiting, read The Saint Nicholas Day Snow and other holiday stories with them during the waiting time. Or have apples and graham crackers for a snack, like Catherine and Elizabeth.

  1. Lay two popsicle sticks in front of you, and coat them liberally with glue.
  2. Arrange the remaining 8 popsicle sticks over the horizontal popsicle sticks to form a square.
  3. Let the glue dry.
  4. Paint the mug however you like. Elizabeth’s favorite colors are purple and pink, but your kids can use whatever colors they like best!
  5. Let the paint dry.
  6. Use the glue to make snowflakes and swirls on the mug, and add glitter. If you don’t do glitter, add stickers, paper snowflakes, or whatever wintery decorations you like.
  7. Glue a row of cotton balls across the top of the mug.
  8. Let the glue dry.
  9. Shape a pipe cleaner into a handle. Turn the mug face-down, and glue the handle to the back of the mug.
  10. Let the glue dry.
  11. Turn the mug face up, and admire!

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Shoes or stockings? Horse or sleigh? Does St. Nicholas visit on December 6 or on Christmas Eve? Will a little girl’s prayer be answered? When Elizabeth has to stay at Catherine’s house, she’s worried about her grandmother, and worried that St. Nicholas won’t find her. The grownups, though, are worried about snow.

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